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Benthem Crouwel - BKpunt Architectuur - Combo Emonomy - Design Perron - GH+O Communicatie - Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) - Genmab - Jacob Jonas The Company - Langhenkel Talenter - Olympus - Rijnboutt - Room Mate Bruno Hotel - Utrecht Science Park & more.


“Our Foundation wanted to bring forward the beauty and the (kinetic) energy of the Utrecht Science Park. Reginar executed this request with stunning and unique shots in two series as a result by translating his vision into inspiring images of our area. He is an easy-going, professional creative who delivers. Highly recommended!.” - Brechje Manschot / Utrecht Science Park

"If you visit any other city where we have a Room Mate we will be happy to work with you again. We are really fascinated with the result of your work. We love it!" - Room Mate Hotels

"We experienced an easy proces with clear communication from Reginar Photography In all areas of our collaboration. With his images he manages to touch the essence of what we are: down to earth, reflecting that what is in the ever evolving and moving surroundings" - Jacklin Goverde / Rijnboutt

"We worked together with Reginar for a national campaign where he was not only able to execute what we wanted very well, he went a step further than would have been needed. Above all he keeps the focus on the visual result but also proved to be a good sparring partner what could work best for your communication strategy." - Lester Engelsman, communication consultant / Langhenkel-Talenter"

"King of the unexpected angle." - GH+O Communicatie

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