“Reginar knows what is classy, has the ability to improvise and has a great esthetic eye”

Robert theunissen - Shutr.Photo Editor in Chief

Reginar is the creative alias of me, Stijn Doors, an urban & conceptual photographer and Olympus Visionary (Ambassador). With my signature use of colors, energy, creative angles and digital editing techniques I'm always on the hunt for a unique perspective on urban & street photography. I'd say my work has a minimal touch alongside the desire to express for maximal energy and emotion.

Building on my experience in branding & visual design and my former international DJ/producer career give me the ability to combine many important aspects in order to tell a story, evoke emotion and create exposure. Most of my work shown is improvised on the spot letting inspiration come to me when it needs to be there. For me, it’s about the thrill of running into something unexpected and about creating synergy on the spot while working with the environment or with others. Preparation is just a starting point and planning everything ahead of time is just one way of preparing yourself. Day in day out challenging yourself, trying to master your craft and expand your creativity is another way to be prepared. If creative energy flows, something new can be created and boundaries can be pushed. If you can imagine it, you can realize it, that's something I firmly believe in. In line of this I was invited to give a 15 minute "TED" talk about my creative growth model at Talks About Photography.

Oh btw, I'm a bit of a foodie, like to read the sports section of the newspaper with a coffee on Monday morning and can completely lose myself in time and space when I hit my creative sweetspot :).

For more exposure/media highlights see below.

Exposure & Highlights

* Olympus Workshops
* Jury for the Olympus Camera Club Photo Contest.
* Dutch Design Week Exhibition at Design Perron 2018,
Read my blog about the DDW here
* Photokina Photoclub Top 100 finalist,
Exhibition at Photokina 2018.
* EyeEm 2018 Awards Top finalist Street Category,
Presented by High Snobiety | >87k submissions.
* "TED" talk at Talks About Photography 2018.
* Olympus Visionary (Ambassador).
* Shutr.Photo 2018 Q1 Series feature.
* Shutr.Photo vs. Olympus Featured Talent contest winner.
* Numerous features on Instagram 10k-500k feature hubs.


“Our Foundation wanted to bring forward the beauty and the (kinetic) energy of the Utrecht Science Park. Stijn (Reginar Photography) executed this request with stunning and unique shots as a result. Stijn is an easy-going, professional creative who delivers. Highly recommended!.”

- Utrecht Science Park -

"It was an inspiration to work with this creative mind. His ideas about how to put me on camera are inventive and worked out great! Besides his professional attitude he is fun to work with as well. Thanks Stijn (Reginar Photography)!"


“Reginar Photography created visual content for Chibuntu grabbing our visitors’ attention in the first seconds. This not only helps us in showing who we are, but also improves our conversion as a retailer. Process of creation has been pleasant and fast. Recommend Reginar Photography for your visual branding.”


“Stijn (Reginar Photography) has the ability to quickly translate a feeling to an image and thereby paying attention to detail and composition. It’s a pleasure to work with him.”

- Combo Emonomy -